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Are the results of the clinical trial accesible?

Are the results of the clinical trial accesible?

It is possibe to have access to the information about the results of a trial once it has been completed. It should be considered that some studies involve thousands of people and that they could last for 5 years or more, exceeding the patient's participation period. 

Thus, there could be a difference of time between the moment when a patient leaves the study and the moment when the clinical trial ends.

Once the trial is finalized, the promoter (this can be a pharmaceutical company or a research centre) should make the results available to the participants. If someone is interested in this information, he could always ask the researcher or the patient's doctor about the conclusions of the trial.

Results should always include information about the benefits and risks of the studied treatments. This information will help the patient and other patients like him/her to make better decisions about healthcare.

Some researchers work with patient groups in order to ensure that the results of the trial reach those patients that have not participated in it. It is compulsory to publish the results of the trial although these have not been positive. This can be done via a medical congress, a scientific journal or the media.