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eYPAGnet. European Young Persons' Advisory Groups Network

eYPAGnet is the European  YPAG’s (Young Persons’ Advisory Group) network in consolidation process and coordinated by the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

Currently, it is composed by the following groups:

  • KIDS Barcelona
  • YPAG Birmingham
  • YPAG Bristol
  • KIDS France
  • YPAG Liverpool
  • YPAG London
  • YPAG Nottingham
  • YPAG Scotland

Considering that paediatric clinical trials are developed simultaneously in different research centers (due to the low incidence of the majority of pathologies that affect minors) and having in mind a common regulatory framework across the European Union, the need of creating the European YPAG network emerged.

eYPAGnet responds to these needs, as well as to the encouragement received from EnprEMA to become a network. This sub-network, part of the umbrella organization ICAN, enables the cooperation among groups and the development of new projects in a collaborative way.

The goals of eYPAGnet are:

  • Improve the capacity of collaboration with the different agents who participate in the research process and development of innovative drugs.
  • Gather a variety of experiences related to different pathologies.
  • Promote the planning and development of clinical research initiatives for children at the European level.
  • Unify the curriculum of capacity-building and empowerment training programs for young patients.
  • Promote and lead the creation of new groups.
  • Empower the selection of scientific professional careers among the youth.