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ICAN Summit 2016

ICAN Summit 2016

The ICAN (International Children's Advisory Network) International Summit took place in Barcelona in 2016. It was organized by the group KIDS Barcelona of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

This event brought together more than 160 young experts, team leaders, parents and collaborators from a total of 16 YPAGs from 6 different countries and 2 continents (Europe and North America). The focus of the event was centralized in the holistic concept of health, including both disease prevention and treatments.

Among the attendants there were guest speakers and representatives of leader organizations, such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer, Premier Research, Eurordis, Dravet Syndrome Foundation, Eupati, and also professionals from a variety of pediatric hospitals worldwide.

Children and families had the opportunity to interact personally with scientific world leaders and learn about innovative treatments, personalized health, regulation on pediatric research or about  the design of clinical research projects. In the poster presentation session, the groups introduced the different projects developed during last year.

Cultural activities, such as visiting Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou Stadium, Alicia Foundation and CosmoCaixa Museum, were also included in the Congress agenda.


"Barça experience with Ican" video