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Kids in the world

Kids in the world

Mapa Kids en el mundo

KIDS Barcelona is part of ICAN organization (International Children’s Advisory Network), which consists of 19 groups spread around the world. Each group participates in the biomedical science improvement and in the pediatric research at a local and global level.

YPAG local activities:

  • Educate about science, health and research
  • Involve teenagers and their families in research initiatives
  • Facilitate exchanging and working meetings between teenager and health professionals

YPAG global activities:

  • Attend regional and national conferences
  • Participate in international studies
  • Share and work in a collaborative way with other groups
  • Plan and attend ICAN Annual Summit

Several members of the KIDS Barcelona group who attend ICAN are involved in commissions, with the purpose of promoting the cross-departmental work among the groups. We highlight our involvement in the Youth Council and the Educational Council.