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We will participate in the CAN Summit 2017 in the USA

We will participate in the CAN Summit 2017 in the USA

ICAN Summit 2017 - Orlando - Kids Barcelona
Monday, 26 June, 2017

ICAN (International Children's Advisory Network), an international organization that agglutinates all the YPAG (Young Person's Advisory Groups) worldwide, organizes the third world congress in Orlando (United States). The event will take place on 10-14th July, and the attendance will exceed 200 participants (young patients, group coordinators and parents) coming from the United States, Canada, France, Scotland, England, Japan and y Australia. Camille Gonzalvez (Communications Comission) and Sergi Torres (vocal) will participate in representation of KIDS Barcelona.

This event has a double goal:

  • To improve young patients training and expertise in different areas of biomedical research. In this respect, conferences and practical workshops led by acknowledged international experts will be carried out.
  • Experience exchange among the different groups, in order to cooperate and establish future collaboration synergies. KIDS Barcelona will present a poster sumarizing the activities performed during the last course and they will also conduct the recording of a monographic educational video focused in disseminating what happens once a research project comes to an end.

Besides, within the framework of this event, the KIDS Barcelona team wil present eYPAGnet (European Young Person's Advisory Groups Network). This network is integrated in the ICAN and aims to develop activities among the different European groups of young experts, in the regulatory context of the European Medicines Agency. The specificities in the processes of development of clinical trials and in the authorization of merchandising of new therapeutic options in Europe, have motivated the creation of this small network that will ensure the development of drug research initiatives addressed to the paediatric population and focused on their needs. The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu will be the coordinator of eYPAGnet during the next three years.