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KIDS participates in the 1st Roche Protagonists Forum

KIDS participates in the 1st Roche Protagonists Forum

Foro Protagonistas Roche
Thursday, 4 May, 2017

Roche pharmaceutical company organizes the "1st Protagonists Forum. A clinical trial is an oportunity for all", next May 9th in Madrid, where the administration, proffessionals and patients will discuss the role of the latter in clinical trials.

Tha fact that motivated Roche to prepare this discussion forum was “the implementation, nearly one year, of legislation RD 1090/2015 (December 4th), which regulates clinical trials with drugs in Spain, situating patients in the centre of clinical research, facilitating their participation in Ethics Commitees for the evaluation of clinical trials, among other measures”, as said by representatives of the pharmaceutical company.

In this context, the goal of the pharmaceutical company is to “debate the implications of this normative change and the challenges raised by this new role of the patient in clinical research”.

The forum will bring together the main agents involved in clinical research, like patients associations, regulators, ethics commitees and administration, “who will also analyze the evolution of the patient in the regulation of clinical trials and will talk about pioneer actions addressed to enhance their participation in drug research". Ona Orduña and Júlia Caballé will take part in the conference in representation of the Teenage Scientific Council of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona. During last year, the KIDS Barcelona group has developed a series of initiatives centred in training and informing paediatric patients who participate in clinical trials.

Event agenda:

Agenda Foro Protagonistas Roche

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